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I consider myself lucky; I wasn’t born with many things, but when I needed help, I had people willing to help me. Truthfully, I got to where I currently am due to some luck – that’s a privilege. Unfortunately, some people haven’t been as lucky. Look, I don’t consider myself a brilliant person – and that’s okay because I can keep learning. It’s Okay to be dumb right now, but it’s not Okay to keep being dumb – that’s how I live my life. To understand my goal, you need to know that I love learning. I’m unsure how I ended up like this, but the desire for knowledge drives all my actions. In fact, if possible, I want to be hired by a rich person to be their personal research jester. I would spend my day in their basement, and they would throw me a topic, and I would spend the day researching it (ideally with a wage and a gym, though). Despite what I just said, even if such a job existed, I would never take it because there is something more important to me. See, I don’t think you understand: I LOVE learning. This is why I hate, despise, and am tormented when someone doesn’t have the resources to do their best. It fills me with rage that some individuals weren’t lucky enough to write their history-shattering thoughts. Think about it. We had hundreds of years of slavery, discrimination, and even now, suppression of certain groups.

I am filled with rage when I think how many individuals who are deviations smarter than me have existed but ended up killing their passion because they didn’t have time, luck, or the resources needed to succeed. Imagine what kind of books, papers, and projects those individuals would have created. It hurts to think about it, and I refuse to let it happen anymore. I was lucky – I fell into a group currently being oppressed, but I managed to overcome it with luck. But that’s bullshit. Both my parents never completed middle school, and my sisters are way more intelligent than I am, but I was the only one blessed with luck. I refuse any reason to understand why this is the case. Anyone who wants to learn, do their best, or prove themselves should be able to. I want to read and learn from their work, but life prevents them from doing their best. I want to change that. I will ignite change so that education is genuinely seen as a basic need. Please look forward to my work and proving my words.